Tripp Plastics Achieves SHARP Designation

Posted: June 14, 2009 Posted by: Howie Tune


Tripp Plastics receives a plaque in recognition of its safety program



On Thursday, June 11th, Tripp Plastics was presented a plaque symbolizing the company’s inclusion in the SHARP program of Nevada OSHA’s Safety Consultation and Training (SCATS) section.


SHARP, which stands for Safety & Health Achievement Recognition Program, recognizes companies that maximize on-the-job safety as a way of increasing the efficiency and productivity of its workers. Beyond offering increased protection to its employees, lost job hours are reduced and usually worker’s compensation insurance costs are lower.


Warren Tripp, president of Tripp Plastics accepted the award on behalf of the eight-member volunteer Safety Committee. “We expect excellence from our employees and we see our inclusion in the SHARP program as symbolic that we hold the company to the same high standards”. The plaque was presented by Orville Reed, Safety Consultant, and Richard Hendrix, SCATS supervisor for Northern Nevada. Currently, only twenty companies in Nevada have achieved SHARP status.


An estimated sixty Tripp Plastics employees watched excitedly as the presentation was made. Also in attendance was Rick Faulkner, V.P. Risk Control for CHSI, the company that provides Worker’s Compensation insurance to Tripp. Mr. Faulkner expressed excitement at Tripp’s inclusion in the SHARP program, adding that he planned on encouraging all of CHSI’s clients to pursue the program.


Orville Reed of SCATS said he has been working with Tripp for about ten years and said that it was the dedication and hard work on the part of the safety committee that qualified them for the award. Reed further stated that an exceptional working relationship over the years vastly contributed to Tripp Plastics’ achievement.


Tripp Plastics is a locally-owned company with more than seventy-five employees. In business for more than fifty-five years, Tripp services not only the local market, but companies around the country and around the globe as well.


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