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Automated Keno System With Vision AKV2100PC

Price: $20,016.55

  • FAST AND ACCURATE - Average game runs 1 minute 15 seconds, reading each ball twice.
  • SECURITY - The completely enclosed and locked system contains the keno balls to prevent tampering. Your game can be displayed on your front counter to keep the excitement level high.
  • HANDS FREE OPERATION - The AKV2100PC will call your game, read the pictorially coded balls and transfer the information without the need of an operator. The ball life is extended by the adjustable speed Windjammer blower unit.
  • AFFORDABLE - You simply cannot afford to be without the AKV2100PC. The system immediately begins to pay for itself with faster play, tamper proof security and hands free operation.

Item Number: 150-10634

This item requires special pricing, please contact Shelley Chu at 775-355-7552. The AKV2100PC System electronically identifies each pictorially coded ball (twice) before sending the information through your keno station and up onto your keno boards. The voice chip can utilize your existing intercom system to call out your games.

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