Large Raffle Ticket Drum

Price: $18.27

Ticket capacity: using a standard raffle ticket, measuring 1" wide x 2" long and .009" thick, the large ticket drum will hold approximately 68,000 tickets when half full (any fuller than that and the tickets will not tumble and mix properly). This is only a calculated estimate, however, and could vary if the tickets are not flat.

Using a larger or thicker ticket would reduce this capacity. For questions about a specific ticket size, contact Tripp Plastics

Item Number: 165-10539

24" diameter x 36" long - Price is $695.24

Note: Truck shipment required, freight quoted separately. To order a large ticket drum, contact us via e-mail at:, and please include your  name, company (if applicable) and shipping address, including zip code. Our sales department will contact you immediately with an exact freight amount and transit time.